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Cancel a consultation

Dear patients,

If you would like to cancel your appointment, try to do this at least one hour in advance so another person can be helped quicker.
You can cancel your rendez-vous online or you can call us on the 02/428 00 08 ( before 10am or after 6pm) or 0486/786587 ( between 10am and 6pm)

In case of non-appearance on 2 consultations without warning us, we are obliged to ask a fee of 10€ on the next appointment.

This fee is not re-imboursed by the insurance.

(art. 77 of the medical deontological code: Une indemnisation peut être réclamée pour une visite à domicile devenue inutile, ou pour un rendez-vous manqué, s'ils n'ont pas été décommandés en temps utile.)

posted on woensdag 4 mei 2016

posted on woensdag 4 mei 2016

From now on possible to pay by Bancontact!

posted on maandag 13 oktober 2014

Dear Patient,

We are happy to tell you that, from today, you can also pay by Bancontact!