Guideline how to reach the general practice with your questions:

Dear patients, since we receive more and more phonecalls during the day, we propose the following guideline as to how to reach us, in order to be available for urgent calls:

-blood results: we call you with the result between or after the consultations; if you haven’t heard from us within a week, send us an e-mail.

-results of technical examinations: make an appointment to discuss the results, unless we made another arrangement.

-medical prescriptions: ask your prescriptions when you come to the consultation! In other cases: send us an e-mail. You can phone in case of urgent needs. Please come and pick it up as soon as possible.

-filling in documents or attestations: come to the consultation unless we made another arrangement.

-make an appointment: online !

-when can you phone? In case there are no consultations available online;  in case of (urgent) questions or advice – we do NOT consult over the phone! You can reach us on 02/428.00.08 between 8.15-10.00 am and 18-19.00 pm

-when can you e-mail? for practical questions or sharing information

-SMS? We don’t use SMS for communication. Our cell phone number for urgent questions can be used between 10.00 am and 18.00pm

Thanks for your understanding.

Cancel a consultation

Dear patients,

If you would like to cancel your appointment, try to do this at least one hour in advance so another person can be helped quicker.
You can cancel your rendez-vous online or you can call us on the 02/428 00 08 ( before 10am or after 6pm) or 0486/786587 ( between 10am and 6pm)

In case of non-appearance on 2 consultations without warning us, we are obliged to ask a fee of 10€ on the next appointment.

This fee is not re-imboursed by the insurance.

(art. 77 of the medical deontological code: Une indemnisation peut être réclamée pour une visite à domicile devenue inutile, ou pour un rendez-vous manqué, s'ils n'ont pas été décommandés en temps utile.)

From now on possible to pay by Bancontact!

posted on maandag 13 oktober 2014

Dear Patient,

We are happy to tell you that, from today, you can also pay by Bancontact!